Rotary 3250 District Conference Host: Rotary Club of Dhanbad

Holiday Inn Resort, Goa
January 9-11, 2015

Members of Rotary club of Dhanbad cordially
Invite you to district Conference 2015

Goa is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Located in West India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast.

Goa is India's richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole. It was ranked the best placed state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its infrastructure and ranked on top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population based on the 12 Indicators.

Panaji is the state's capital, while Vasco da Gama is the largest city. The historic city of Margao still exhibits the cultural influence of the Portuguese, who first landed in the early 16th century as merchants and conquered it soon thereafter.

Goa is a former Portuguese province;Portuguese India existed for about 450 years until it wasannexed by India in 1961.

Renowned for its beaches, places of worship and worldheritage architecture, it also has rich flora and fauna,owing to its location on the Western Ghats range, which isclassified as a biodiversity hotspot



Holiday In

Located on the picturesque Mobor Beach in south Goa, the Holiday inn Resort offers a perfect blend of traditional Gaon and contemporary architecture. The exotic surroundings are complemented with expansive gardens along a perfect stretch of white sandy beach.


One of Goa's important institutions, Goa's famous and magnificent churches are largely a legacy of Portuguese colonization. Church building was one of the main occupations of the early Portuguese and in fact one of Vasco da Gama's main missions for finding the sea route to India was to "seek Christians and spices".

With a significant population of Goans being Christians for many generations today, the Church is an important factor in Goa's social, cultural and religious life. For example, the contribution of the Church to education in Goa is immense.

Famous churches in Goa are church of Saint Francis of Assisi, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Chapel St. Augustine, & Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.


For most Goans the three basic necessities of life are fish, curry and rice. (And, of course, feni!) But Goan cuisine, like the land itself, has many flavors and tastes with its vast treasure trove of culinary delicacies.

A Goan values his food as much as he does his daily siesta (break). In his daily meal, seafood always has a place of pride, followed by prawns to sausages to chicken, and numerous vegetarian dishes.

Goa has some magnificent culinary delicacies like the prawn balchão and sorpotel which have become famous around the world. Goan food is simple but most, though not all, of it is chili hot, spicy, and pungent. Items made from rice, fish, and coconuts abound in nearly every Goan meal.

So here is a taste of Goa and don't forget to pack a healthy appetite!


Your visit to Goa is not complete unless you take back a souvenir of your memorable sojourn in this magnificent paradise. The excellent local handicrafts of Goa are easily the most popular souvenir items and include brassware, terracotta, shell work, crochet, carved furniture, bamboo work, papier-mache, etc. Another item which is on the list of every traveller to Goa is a pack of the famed CASHEWNUTS.

It is also a fascinating experience to go around and shop in the traditional markets of the Goan towns and villages. These markets are a mirror of Goa's ethnic culture and provide a glimpse of the typical Goan way of doing business. Two of the most famous such market areas are Mapusa and Anjuna.

The Friday Market at Mapusa, where stalls sell everything from curios and old coins to dried fish and spices. The Wednesday Market at Anjuna Beach started by and for foreigners is an extremely lively spot where souvenirs, beachwear, trinkets and handicrafts are sold at bargain prices.


Skim the waves. Surf the seas. Float across the skies.The fabulous golden Goan coast is sprinkled withwater sports excitements from windsurfing toparagliding.

The best season for enjoying watersports in Goa is from October to May when theskies here are cloudless and blue, and the watersfairly placid.

Goa is the perfect place for windsurfing, dinghysailing, parasailing, scuba diving, angling, waterskiing and riding a water scooter.


Dear Fellow Travelers

With folded hands, Minakshi & I take great pleasure in inviting you to Goa to our District Conference “Viva La Goa” from January 9 to 11, 2015.

Goa has been one of the top holiday destinations in the world. The venue and locale has been carefully chosen, after a year of research, in which we made several recce trips to Goa.

Viva La Goa shall lie midway between the Rotary year 2014-15, and would be a perfect time to take stock ofour projects and programs, to interact with fellow Rotarians and to let your hair down! I am positive thatthis conference will generate a spirit of bonhomie that shall flow into the Rotary year ahead, createfriendships and steer us through the path of service.

Host, my home club, Rotary Club of Dhanbad, Anu & Conference Chair PDG Sandeep have lined up a series ofexciting events and programs for the entire Rotary family, networked inspirational speakers, nationalcelebrities and Rotary leaders, and have planned power-packed entertainment.

You would not want to miss Goa, would you?

Viva La Goa. Let us have fun, let us Light Up Rotary!

Sanjay Khemka
District Governor 14-15

Dear Friends,

I joined Rotary in 1986. The first ever Rotary district conference that Anu & I ever attended was in Bokaro in 1988. We were immediately struck by the camaraderie amongst Rotarians. Rotarians smiled at you, shook hands and introduced themselves – they were instantaneously friendly. We found ourselves so welcome – we went back from the conference, inspired, relaxed and having made countless new friends.

The next year we ran into many of the same Rotarians and renewed our friendship. And so started, if you can call it that, our love affair with Rotary! In our more than 25 years with Rotary since then, we have hardly ever missed a Rotary District Conference. And we so very much cherish the friendships we have built, the friends who have stood alongside, come rain or storm.

In 2003, DGE Sanjay was Conference Chair for our District Conference “Footprints” at Puri. It is now a pleasure for Anu & me to be Conference Chair for Sanjay’s conference at Goa. Needles to say, we have to surpass standards set by Sanjay himself!

The District Conference is the most awaited event of the Rotary year – Viva La Goa promises to be inspiring, fun, full of laughter and dance, and with meaningful discussion on Rotary.

On behalf of first lady Minakshi & District Governor 14-15 Sanjay Khemka, members of host club, Rotary Club of Dhanbad, Anu & I look forward to welcoming your entire family and you to Goa.

Together, at VIVA LA GOA, let us grab a Handful of Sun, smile and laugh and unwind!

Sandeep Narang
Conference Chair, VIVA LA GOA
Past Governor 2002-03